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Microbee Power Supply Plug Pak


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Please note :  These are made up when an order is received so there will be a
delay in shipping.  
Also, our current batch of 5 Pin Din moulded leads have a slight issue in that the
diameter of the 5 pin DIN plug is slightly too big to fit in the back of the Microbee
case.  This means that the case will have to be loosened (undo a couple of screws)
to allow the plug to seat in the socket properly.  This is not an issue of course for the 
256TC model.

Plug pak power supply for the Microbee computer

Suitable for Standard, Premium, Premium Plus & 256TC model Microbees

240Vac to 10Vdc @ 1.5amps (unregulated)

Assembled & Tested ( no longer in kit form )

Product Code: KIT-PWR-PLUGPAK-10V1A5

Manufacturer: Microbee Technology Pty Ltd

This product is currently out of stock


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