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[Premium] K/B Replacement Kit


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Love your old Microbee, but have non-functional keys on the keyboard?
With these keyboard replacement kits you can now refurbish your Microbee and have a fully functional keyboard (that will last).

The kits include:

* Keyboard frame adapter plate :  Sits on top of the original keyboard frame to adapt it to the smaller form factor key switches.
* Keyboard PCB : a complete PCB that sits under the original keyboard frame that the new key switches solder in to.
* Key switches : The same ones used in the Premium Plus model.
* Mounting screws etc : to attach the keyboard frame adapter plate to the original keyboard frame.
* Pin strip : 0.1" pin strip to cut up into individual pins that help support the Keyboard PCB and connect it to the baseboard.
* Switching Regulators : These are small TO-220 shaped 7805 regulator replacements that will solder directly to the baseboard and run cooler.

Note that these kits do NOT include key caps.  The key switches have a shaft that is compatible with the original key caps, so the expense of having to have another set of key caps made is avoided.

Replacing the whole keyboard is quite a task, involving removing all the original key switches & regulators and contructing the replacement keyboard arrangement.  It will take approx 3-4 hrs and you need reasonable soldering / desoldering skills.

Instructions [Here]

Product Code: KBRep-Prem-Kit

Manufacturer: Microbee Technology Pty Ltd

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