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CGA to VGA Video Converter kit - Full


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Full kit - includes Case, Scaler board, Adapter PCB & parts 

** Kit version no Longer Available **

Click <here> Fully assembled & tested version 

Designed to enable the use of VGA monitors with older computers, the Microbee VGA video converter allows for analogue or digital inputs. The digital mode converts true CGA digital input (RGB + Intensity) and provides the proper CGA color map. This is the mode that is used by the Microbee Premium, Premium Plus & 256TC models, along with regular IBM PC’s (CGA card) and numerous other computers. The analogue mode allows for use with other computers that have true analogue outputs, such as the Commodore Amiga (the converter has been tested with the Amiga & works brilliantly!) Normally it works with TTL level positive HSYNC & VSYNC as the timing signals. It also has options to set the sync polarity for odd-ball  video systems that differ from positive sync (15Khz) via jumpers.  It can also work with a composite sync signal.  Available as a complete kit with all parts, PCB and case, or as a short form kit with the adapter pcb & parts for those who already have a GBS-8200 video scaler board.

Full kit includes the short form kit plus:

GBS-8200 video scaler board (with hardware change applied to cure design fault that causes 'snow' on the video output under certain circumstances due to poor timing of the SDRAM) 

Drilled & routed ABS case, Mounting hardware, 2M cable - DB9/M to DB9/M to suit connection to CGA port.

Power supply required (not supplied) - 8 to 12vdc @ 1 amp or 5vdc regulated @ 1amp

Power Supply kit: Microbee Power Supply kit to suit CGA->VGA Converter

Also available: Cable kit - Amiga DB23 to DB9/M

Also available: Cable kit - Tandy CoCo3 10Way to DB9/M

This product has been discontinued but is now available as a fully assembled and tested product.

Please see <here> for the Assembled & Tested version


Product Code: KIT-VGA-FULL

Manufacturer: Microbee Technology Pty Ltd

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