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CGA to VGA Scaler Adapter PCB short form KIT


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Short Form Kit - Adapter PCB & components only.

** Only available as a kit until stock exhausted - See  for new SMD assembled & Tested version **

This short form kit is an add-on designed to be used with the GBS-8200 video scaler board.  It converts CGA digital signals to analog signals suitable for use with the GBS-8200 board inputs.  The kit also provides a cleaned up Composite sync signal from separate HSYNC & VSYNC (normally positive sync, but with options for inverting each).  This short form kit only contains the PCB & the components to complete the build of the PCB.  You will need to use the 2 cables that are normally supplied with the GBS-8200 board to connect the 2 boards together, and also provide a suitable cable for the RGB input.  Power to the board is obtained from the input to the GBS-8200 board which must be 8v  -> 12vdc at approx 1amp.  Optionally, 5v dc in can be used by bypassing the supplied 7805 regulator.

Product Code: KIT-VGA-SF

Manufacturer: Microbee Technology Pty Ltd

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