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CGA to Analogue Adapter board for video scalers


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This fully assembled and tested board is an add-on designed to be used with the GBS-8200 video scaler board.  It converts CGA digital signals to analog signals suitable for use with the GBS-8200 board inputs.  The board also provides a cleaned up Composite sync signal from separate HSYNC & VSYNC (normally positive sync, but with options for inverting each).  Switchable between Digital Input Mode (Microbee Premium series, 256TC, Teleterm, IBM PC CGA card etc.) or Analogue Mode (Amiga, Tandy CoCo3, Atari 520/1040ST, Apple IIgs etc). This is a SMD version of our original kit that was published in Silicon Chip & Everyday Practical Electronics Magazines.  You will need to use the 2 cables that are normally supplied with the GBS-8200 board to connect the 2 boards together, and also provide a suitable cable for the RGB input.  Power to the board is obtained from the input to the GBS-8200 board which must be 8v  -> 12vdc at approx 1amp.  

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Manufacturer: Microbee Technology Pty Ltd

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