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256TC-SE (#8 of 8 - inc Dual Floppy drives)


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Over the last few years we have had a number of requests as to whether it would be possible to bring out the 256TC as a kit or assembled and tested unit. The answer has been that it would not really be possible for a number of reasons, mostly that it would be hard to get the printed circuit board for the 256TC manufactured because all we have is the photo plots of the original design. Another factor was the availability of keyboards.

However, during our work on the Classic Plus it was realised that it would be possible to produce a [very] small number of machines that work the same as the 256TC by using the same boards used in the Premium Plus and thus satisfy a number of customers that fell in love with the 256TC and wanted another one.

Introducing the 'Special Edition' 256TC-SE

Initially (2018) there was to be only 6 units made - 5 of which will be for sale with the remaining unit allocated to the Microbee Technology Shop.

We recently manufactured 2 more units : a single drive 256TC-SE (which was specially made for a customer), and this unit - a dual disk 256TC-SE.

This is absolutely the last 256TC-SE to be produced - a true collectors item.

This is  #8 of 8 - 256TC-SE with Dual Floppy drives

As with the Premium Plus, the 256TC-SE features:
Dual processor design (Z80 & Coldfire)
Run CP/M, with a vast back-catalogue of software
Run uClinux (for Coldfire)
Has SDcard storage for uClinux, and Floppy disk emulation for CP/M
32K of graphics memory
Physical Floppy disk interface with 2 Black FD-135N Teac 800k DSDD Floppy drives.

Plug Pack Power supply & SDcard with Microbee disk images included.

We have designed new power supply PCB's, front badge, rear panel and other support parts for this special run of machines which gives them a very nice finish. See photos for more info.

Product Code: 256TC-SE-OPT-8

Manufacturer: Microbee Technology Pty Ltd

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