Australia’s own computer ‘Microbee’ and the Bee logo device are registered trademarks. All content (C) 2011-12  Microbee Technology Pty Ltd.  ACN 151 027 299 [ Premium Plus Limited Edition Kit ] Ever wanted to build your own microbee? Now you can with the Premium Plus - Limited Edition Kit. Only 105 kits of the Premium Plus are being produced. We have put together a limited quantity of the Premium Plus Microbee. These kits include original circuit boards, all components, and a comprehensive construction manual. We've also added some extras to make the Premium Plus, the best microbee yet. By designing a new coreboard, we’ve put in new technology enabling the Premium Plus to be a Dual Processor computer! All of the normal Microbee functionality has been retained and it still uses a Z80 processor but now we’ve added a Freescale Coldfire processor into the mix which opens up a whole new world of software availability running under uClinux! Here are the specifications : Dual Microprocessors * Z80 microprocessor @ 3.375Mhz     * Coldfire V2 (MCF52259) @ 80Mhz^ 2 Megabytes Ram (1Mbyte shared space, 1Mbyte exclusive to the Coldfire processor ) 32k PCG Ram, 2K Color Ram, 2K Attribute ram, 4K font rom Original Premium Series Case, Full 64 Key Keyboard with newly sourced keyswitches & keytops. Microbee standard DB15 Parallel port, Microbee standard DB25 Serial port, Second serial port for up to 115k baud^, Physical Floppy disk interface supporting up to 2 external floppy drives (option)^, SD Card interface for file storage, with Floppy Disk emulation in ‘Z80’ mode - status indicator LED for SD activity^. Ethernet Network port (10/100) including status indicator LEDs for Link Valid & Speed^. Battery Backed Real Time Clock^. Monochrome composite Video out, Color composite Video out (option), Color TTL video out (DB9 to monitor), Full, new release Microbee Shell / CCP / INIT / TRANSFER / BACKUP software to support 800k ram disk. Built in software : Disk boot prom, Self Test, Machine Langauge Monitor.                                     ^ indicates functionality / feature Other software on SDcard : uCLinux, Z80 mode Microbee Shell etc.                    is part of the new coreboard design.   The fantastic new Premium Plus Limited Edition kit is available at  $399.00 (the same as the original 16K kit bee!) The new Premium Plus Kit computer All new Coreboard Dual processor design Status LEDs for SDcard activity, Ethernet Link & Speed High speed serial, Ethernet & SDcard Click thumbnail to enlarge Bonus Release of (15 only) the Premium Plus kit is now available in the web store.  This is the last time these will be made available so grab one while you can.