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[   Products   ] - Premium Plus Kit Computer
Limited Edition (120 units total) Kit The Premium Plus kit is our flagship model - the first new Microbee product to be released in 20+ years after the relaunch of the brand. Information on the Premium Plus is included here as a information only page as the Limited Edition run has all been sold. “ We have put together a limited quantity of the Premium Plus Microbee. These kits include original circuit boards, all components, and a comprehensive construction manual. We've also added some extras to make the Premium Plus, the best microbee yet. “ By designing a new coreboard, we’ve put in new technology enabling the Premium Plus to be a Dual Processor computer! All of the normal Microbee functionality has been retained and it still uses a Z80 processor but now we’ve added a Freescale Coldfire processor into the mix which opens up a whole new world of software availability running under uClinux!
Here are the specifications : Dual Microprocessors  - * Z80 microprocessor @ 3.375Mhz     * Coldfire V2 (MCF52259) @ 80Mhz^ 2 Mb Ram (1Mb shared space, 1Mb exclusive to the Coldfire processor ) 32k PCG Ram, 2K Color Ram, 2K Attribute ram, 4K font rom Original Premium Series Case, Full 64 Key Keyboard with newly sourced keyswitches & keytops. Microbee standard DB15 Parallel port, Microbee standard DB25 Serial port, Second serial port for up to 115k baud^, Physical Floppy disk interface supporting up to 2 external floppy drives (option)^, SD Card interface for file storage, with Floppy Disk emulation in ‘Z80’ mode status indicator LED for SD activity^. Ethernet Network port (10/100) including status indicator LEDs for Link Valid & Speed^. Monochrome composite Video out, Color composite Video out (option), Color TTL video (to CGA monitor) Full, new release Microbee Shell / CCP / INIT / TRANSFER / BACKUP software to support 800k ram disk. Built in software : Disk boot prom, Self Test, Machine Langauge Monitor.            ^ indicates functionality / feature Other software on SDcard : uCLinux,                                        is part of the new coreboard design. Z80 mode Microbee Shell etc.      
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