After an absence from the marketplace of almost 20 years, Microbee is back!  As Australian as ever, Microbee is back with a mixture of old and new to put the buzz back into computing. We are very excited to be able to offer some great new technology, support people interested in our older models and also to offer up a new kit computer to encourage and support new I.T. careers in the making. Australia’s own computer The Premium Plus is a hybrid kit computer - that is, the baseboard (which has the keyboard, Z80 CPU, PIO, 6545 screen controller and video circuits) is supplied in kit form with comprehensive assembly instructions, and the coreboard is pre-assembled & tested as it is mostly surface mount technology.  The Premium Plus includes floppy disk emulation and storage via SDcard, Ethernet,  high speed serial (RS232) port and expanded memory.   The best bit is that there is also another microprocessor on the new coreboard and it has been configured to make the Premium Plus a true dual processor computer. It is a limited edition and only 105 units will be available in total.  Bonus release (15 units only) of Premium Plus kits now available in the web store Microbee Premium Plus Kit computer - Build it yourself! Curious about the New Microbee company? What is the history of the Microbee brand? How did the new company come into being?   For details on where Microbee has been and the path to relaunching the company, have a look at our ‘ About Us / History ‘ page. Looking for software or documentation for your old bee? There is a vast amount of software and information available for the old Microbee computers and while Microbee Technology still retains the ownership and copyright over the material (it is not being placed in the public domain), we would like to make it publically available at no cost to the end user.  To this end, we have made all of the microbee company owned software and documentation available from the following website(s) which are licensed to distribute the works.   Here are the links to the website(s) :                  Microbee Software Preservation Project                  Microbee Beeboard If you do not have an old microbee or emulator and you would like to see what the microbee was like, there is an excellent online virtual microbee called the Nanowasp.  The author has done an excellent job in putting this site together and is also licensed to distribute the couple of files needed to make it run.  Here is the Link :   Nanowasp online Microbee emulator ‘Microbee’ and the Bee logo device are registered trademarks. All content (C) 2011-14  Microbee Technology Pty Ltd.  ACN 151 027 299
Now Available - Colour Composite Video adapter. Although the Premium Plus has an RGB port, finding a monitor to suit is a task these days.  Microbee Technology has designed an adapter PCB that provides colour composite video output suitable for use on most modern televisions that have an ‘AV’ input. While composite colour video is never going to be as sharp as straight RGB, it does provide a good color experience - great for playing games! The board is easy to fit to the Premium Plus and the RCA output connector is positioned to make use of a spare hole in the case.   Coming soon - Freescale Tower system compatible Xilinx FPGA boards. These boards are well into the development cycle and will be prototyped very soon. There will be 3 variants :  Spartan3E 500 (PQFP),                                        Spartan6 LX 9 (TQFP) and,                                        Spartan6 LX 25 (FGG484) For more info, see our Development Boards page.