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Curious about the New Microbee company or the history of the Microbee brand? For details on where Microbee has been and the path to relaunching the company, have a look at our About Us / History ‘ Pages.
Looking for software or documentation for your old ‘bee? There is a vast amount of software and information available for our older computers and while Microbee Technology retains the ownership and copyright over the material, we would like to make it publically available at no cost to the end user. To this end, we have licensed the following website to distribute the works:               Microbee Software Preservation Project                
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Microbee Technology’s core focus is to enable electronics enthusiasts through to the seasoned engineers to achieve their product development goals.  Our product range caters for interests from retro technologies through to leading edge rapid prototyping and modular solutions. We are very excited to be able to offer some great new technology, support people interested in our older models and also to offer up kits and development boards to encourage and support new I.T. careers in the making. Development Boards  The first of our rapid prototyping development boards: Freescale Tower System Xilinx Spartan 3E (XC3S500E - PQG208) FTM-3SE  JTAG Programmable. Load config data from OnBoard Flash or via the  FlexBus interface on the Tower Edge connector in serial or parallel mode.   Includes 2Mbyes of 16bit wide 10ns sram,  4 GPIO headers directly  connected to the I/O pins of the Xilinx, Flexbus header, EXP bus header  Use within the Freescale Tower system or as a stand-alone board. Go to our Development Boards page for   <More Info> Microbee Technology is a Freescale Connect Partner. Kit Computers / Retro technology We have a number of products in our retro technology range which includes kit computers and accessories to suit. Premium Plus Kit computer: The Premium Plus kit is based on the original Premium series Microbee but has been enhanced to include floppy disk emulation and storage via SDcard, Ethernet,  high speed serial (RS232) port and expanded memory. It is a dual processor design including both Z80 & Coldfire parts, running CP/M-80 and uClinux. The Premium Plus is a Limited edition kit & almost sold out.    <More Info> Accessories / Other kits: We have a range of accessories to suit retro computers which includes our Smart Model Controller, Power supplies, Floppy disk controller options and our latest release, the VGA video converter: Designed to enable the use of VGA monitors with older computers such as the Premium Plus, Commodore Amiga, Apple IIgs, it gives a clean crisp display and provides both Digital (CGA) or Analogue input mode and selectable sync polarity.                                                                                             <More Info>