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More Microbee Game Tapes - ChickenMan - 04-10-2019

Thanks to Alistair Shilton for donating some of his Microbee Tapes that were missing from the Microbee collection before selling off the rest on eBay.  

These were initially recorded at 44.1kHz and saved as mono 16bit WAV files and later re-sampled at 22 or 16 kHz and saved as mono 8bit WAV files simply to reduce the file to a manageable size while still loadable via emulator or real Microbee. All recorded fine with little filtering needed to get an error free load into Basic.

All were some of Microbee's earliest games on tape and none of them had any copy protection.  Hit the Hurkle and Lunar Lander were both on the one tape.  The first 3 files as MWB or BEE will appear on a Games disk at a later time, the other 3 are already in the collection but not as WAV tape files.

In the MbeeTech\Software\Tapes\Original folder we placed the following


RE: More Microbee Game Tapes - ChickenMan - 03-12-2019

Forgot to mention that the tapes labels were also scanned and have been included in the Repository.

They are in the Microbee/Documentation/Pictures/Tapes folder and include

underworld_of_kin.jpg <--- updated existing label