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Swedish Microbee 128k disks from Bergsala Data AB - ChickenMan - 03-12-2020

Thanks to Crud3 for providing IMG disk images of the 4 original 5.25" DS40 disks for the Swedish Microbee 128k. These he won recently from an auction in Sweden. The disks were produced originally by Bergsala Data AB, Sweden who was the official Microbee distributor/agent in Scandinavia.

Two sets of 4 images were provided, one set had the disks dated 27th of August 1984 and the other 21st of March 1985.  All were converted from IMG to DSK format using ubeedisk and then checked out with ubee512.  Both sets were the same except the 1985 set had a few extra files on disk 4 and disk 3 also had Graphic Wordbee (a special Swedish version) together with its manual (which I will convert to a PDF later). The 1985 set is what has been made available here. Only Disk 1 was bootable with the other 3 having nothing in its boot track, so you need to INIT the system on if you wish to boot them for drive A:

If you wish to run these disks via ubee512, make sure you have the Swedish Character ROM in the ROM folder and use --charrom=character_swedish.rom in the command line.  Then the 6 different characters used in the Swedish Microbees will display correctly.

We already have a boot disk for the Swedish 128k Microbee in the repository, these disks are earlier than that and contain early versions of the SHELL, INIT, TRANSFER, etc.  These files have all been extracted to add to our System Files section in the Repository.

Disk 1 of 4 is labelled MASTERDISK and appears to be for the Small Buisness Computer as it contains not only the normal basic set of Microbee files, but also MBASIC, MULTIPLAN and WORDSTAR. Disk boots to :-


Disk 2 of 4 is labelled UTILITIES and is full of extra utilities including EDASM, OBASIC, Starindex and the installation files for Wordstar.

Disk 3 of 4 is labelled ORDDISK (translate to Word Disk). It contains WordBee ver 3.3 but with a Swedish help file, Swedish version of Graphic WordBee ver 84-12-22 (including a manual in Swedish) and a Swedish version of Wordstar v 3.0, with Spellstar & Mailmerge overlays, configured for the Microbee.

Disk 4 of 4 is labelled BASICDISK and contains mostly MWB basic files and mostly games. Most are in Swedish language and are conversions of existing English languages programs.

Pictures of the 4 original disk labels were also provided.

So in the MbeeTech Repository in the Microbee\Software\System_Disks folder we placed


graphic_wordbee_v84_swedish.com <-- in Microbee\Software\System_Files folders

swedish_128k_disk1.jpg <-- in Documentation\Pictures\Disks\5.25_inch folder